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    It is essential that to provide the best treatment we need to know your full history, your requirements and expectations. At your initial consultation we will spend time talking over all the issues so we have a clear picture of what you want, not what we think you should have.

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    In order to ensure success in our procedures, we use tools such as X-rays, models and photographs, in addition to thorough examinations of the teeth, gums, and soft tissues.



    X-ray scans play an invaluable role in diagnosis, but many people are concerned about exposure to X-ray radiation. Because of this we have invested in the very latest digital X-ray system that eliminates these worries because it requires 90% less radiation than conventional film X-rays. Images can be shown immediately on the PC screen along with digital pictures.

    Dental Implants

    A dental implant is a means of securely attaching replacements for missing teeth into the mouth. Usually in the form of a titanium screw, a material chosen because it is very well tolerated by the body, implants have been around for a long time and are a well-established form of treatment.

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    Crowns are used to restore both anterior and posterior teeth that have been broken or are at high risk of doing so due to oversized fillings or fractures. There are a variety of materials available to construct these, such as gold, porcelain bonded to metal or all ceramic.


    Bridges are fixed or non-removable prosthesis constructed to replace one or more missing teeth. Either one or both teeth adjacent to the space are used to anchor the bridge to restore function as well as aesthetics. Like crowns, bridges can be made of porcelain bonded to metal or all ceramic. Because there is interference with the adjacent teeth, more and more people are opting for dental implants as an alternative to sacrificing sometimes healthy teeth.



    Porcelain laminate veneers are literally a shell covering placed over the front surface of the teeth to enhance or correct their appearance. Whether to close spaces, increase size, change colour or straighten teeth, veneers are the most conservative way of bringing about a dramatic change to the appearance of your teeth.

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    Dentures, whether full or partial, are a removable solution for replacement of multiple or completely missing teeth. This is the treatment of choice if there are insufficient teeth to support a bridge. Again, dental implants are becoming the alternative solution to dentures. If dentures are the only solution then there is no need to have teeth that look falsec – with careful planning and thought, even full dentures can be made to look natural.

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    Gum treatments

    We believe a good foundation is the key to optimal oral health, this foundation is the bone and gums that hold your teeth in place. All our treatments will firstly look at the gum health and any problems found here will be addressed before any further treatment is given. We will customise your gum treatment to suit your specific periodontal needs, using the combined skills of the dentist and hygienist.


    Modern dentistry has allowed us the pleasure of combining strength with natural looking aesthetics when filling teeth. We take pride in restoring teeth to their original strength and appearance with composite resins and ceramics. Why suffer with grey amalgam fillings, when your teeth can look like new?



    Composite resin bonding is used to repair fractures, change shape, close spaces as well as laminate (or cover) teeth to enhance their appearance in a much simpler way to veneers. These procedures are completed in one appointment with little or no discomfort.


    Whitening teeth can be one of the easiest yet most gratifying procedures we perform. The whitening procedure involves LUMA ARCH.

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    Children’s dentistry

    We believe that children should have the same quality of treatment as their parents. We offer to see your children privately either as part of a children’s club or on the same basis as our adult patients. All our dentists enjoy treating children and can advise their parents if the need arises on complex treatment such as orthodontics. Children will always be offered white fillings and cosmetic treatment also. We believe that a visit to the dentist should be ­an enjoyable experience and our dentists enjoy building up a rapport with a child over time. We will work with your child and yourself to encourage, teach and motivate their oral hygiene, setting up a high standard of oral care for the future. Several of our past child patients have even gone on to study dentistry.

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